Gelato machines

FRIGOGELO  also manufactures ICETECH ice cream machines.

Our  long years of experience in the gelato sector, as well as our commitment to research and development allows us to produce state of the art gelato machines which are unequalled for reliability, being easy to use and excellent yields.

We utilize only the finest quality materials and our products are subjected to stringent quality controls which ensure that our customer has all the benefits of passing any Health Department requirements and energy and water savings.

The FRIGOGELO - ICETECH factory premises covers an area of more than five thousand square meters with modern assembly lines and the constant monitoring of each phase of the manufacturing process in order to ensure machines which maintain the highest quality standards.

We have a time of highly specialized and skilled technicians and rapped pre and post sales technical assistance service.

is present worldwide with a network of technical-commercial support centers.

Our range of machines includes: batch freezers, pasteurizers, ageing vats, cream whipping machines, large pasteurization systems, homogenizers, upright refrigerators, blast chillers, soft ice cream machines, cream cookers and 3-in-1 batch freezers with built-in pasteurizers.